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Comments made by lapperguy

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Aug 13, 2013

lpearson, you missed the point. Jimmy was playing a first time cuckold. That's why he seemed awkward. It was suppose to be awkward. He wanted it to happen, but when it was really going to happen, he was a little freaked out and unsure about it really happening. He has wanted it for so long, but when it is REALLY going to happen he becomes afraid and a little unsure about it. It's his first time so it is all new to him as a cuckold. Well played Jimmy, Nice job.

Divine Bitches
Aug 7, 2013

Sooooooooooooooooooooo AMAZING! Mz Berlin is so hot! She could cuckold me anytime! Would love for her to hold my key! Yum yum yum!

Divine Bitches
Feb 3, 2013

OMFG! I so came in my cb6000 ! I feel bad now about that!

Divine Bitches
Feb 29, 2012

Another amazing cuckold scene Mistress M. Thank you for that. For the forced bi haters out there, just dont watch it ?? I am not into every fetish on the site either. If I am not into the subject scene of the week I just go about my day and wait for the next chastity cuckold scene that is my fetish. Stop being haters, and compliment when you do see what pushes your kink button ! This is a super hot scene for all cuckolds, and especially cuckolds in chastity. I throbbed in my cage the entire time. If I could rate it better then Great I would have. I am not into forced bi either, but I am not sure under these same circumstances, I wouldn't have done the same thing for the beauty of this Goddess. Especially if it earned me my release from chastity.Key holders must be made happy all the time. Its all about them. Not us slaves and what we want. So to recap, if it's not your thing, just wait long enough, and Mistress M will push your kink button eventually too. Just don't be negative haters ! Thanks again MM ! AWESOME update !

Divine Bitches
Feb 10, 2012

I am totally in agreement with MM. Cuckolding is super hot. I for one am a member strictly for the cuckolding scenes. If a scene is not about cuckolding, then I still watch it. It may not make me throb in my chastity cage, but I watch it for what it is. I don't slam the site or the clip because it doesn't push my kink button. ( like an easy button...but for kink). I think rubberboy needs a hobby like stamp collecting or coins, or what ever keeps him from devoting his time to negative thoughts. Hail Mistress M for trying to please all, and I hope there is a lot more cuckolding shoots. I throb in chastity every week for the update, hoping that is what the subject is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Divine Bitches
Aug 25, 2011

That was appallingly super hot ! The way the love between husband and wife was mixed in throughout the scene was amazing. I wish she had worn the key to his chastity while she was fucking her lover though. Still a great shoot, and the dual fucking was hot hot hot ! Real creampie eating put it over the top disgustingly HOT !!!

Divine Bitches
Jun 4, 2011

Absolutely incredible, I actually came in my cb6000 watching this one. Outstanding !

Divine Bitches
Apr 20, 2011

Simply amazing, how humiliating for cuck to have his key covered in bulls cum ! Smoking hot scene, Thankyou Madeline !

Divine Bitches
Jan 19, 2011

Cuckolding is HOT, and CHASTITY is HOT. I have said this before, but not every scene is everyones cup of tea. If you dont like it then don't watch it, just wait for the next update that deals with your individual fetish. I am still waiting for the cum on chastity keys update Maitresse M siad she will do, that shoot will not be everyones cup of tea either. But at the end of the day, it's all GOOD. Enjoy what you enjoy, and don't slam the site because every scene is not the fantasies that play out in your head ! It strikes me as odd that people comment about not liking a scene, kink is very personal, and too each his own. Just enjoy what you enjoy, and love life, and thank MAITRESSE MADELINE for her efforts !

Divine Bitches
Nov 11, 2010

Wow, such negative comments ! This weeks update is very hot. I am not a huge fan of the jack off on slave type scene, I much prefer the forced cum eating from or off of the cuckoldress, but I understand that different things appeal to different folks. I am sure some guys love that ending to a cuckold scene for that is what they find hot. Not every update hits all my hot buttons, but I appreciate that there are so many fetishes and you are trying to appeal to the masses. If an update isn't my cup of tea, then I just don't watch it. I don't feel its right to slam the update because it doesn't cater to my particular fetish. Lighten up guys, and just watch and comment on all the great content on the site, and quit wasting your energy on negative babble.

Divine Bitches
Sep 30, 2010

Awesome, just to clarify, the stud bull covers the key in cum as the cuckoldress laughs, and it is the cuckoldress that makes the cuck lick her tits and the key clean as she laughs about how the bull came all over the tiny key that controls his little dick and he is reduced to cum eating for pleasure. His little dick stays locked and just gets a steady diet of bulls cum. Thanks sooooo much Goddess for agreeing to do my idea. I am throbbing in chastity waiting to see how hot you make it.

Divine Bitches
Sep 29, 2010

Maitresse Madeline, soooo amazing to se the chastity and cuckolding in your clips. The best are when the cuckoldress is wearing the key on a necklace as she cuckolds the slave. I am still dreaming of you doing a clip where bthe stud cums all over the key, and makes the cuckold lick the key to his chastity clean of the bulls cum. Any chance of that Goddess?

Divine Bitches