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Comments made by john0077

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Nov 3, 2013

You really made a great scene Van, the kidnap and struggling of Brandon (súper hot dude) Washington amazing. I hope You continue this kind of work as it is really enjoyable and hot

Bound Gods
Sep 16, 2013

Extremly hot scene, Love the grabing, and the súper hot Casey tied and ball gagged on the floor. I think he is one of the sexyest boys in Bound Gods and he has this hot bad boy loor WOW¡

Bound Gods
Sep 1, 2013

Ultra hot and sexy guy Wish to have him back in tight jeans tied and gagged and then striped naked before beign tortured

Divine Bitches
May 23, 2013

I loved the scene of the sexy kidnaped, helpless guy transported by his captor to be stripped and abused. Lief looks really helpless bound and gaged with duct tape, you should give us more hot scens like this, thanks

Bound Gods
May 2, 2013

So hot! I really enjoyed this very sexy guy beign taken down , tied and abused. I would really lime to see him moré often in this sight as well as in Bound gods, however I think that the sub roll is great for him because it is hot to see such a strong and handsome guy powerless. Thanks!!!

Men On Edge
Apr 7, 2013

Very handsome and hot Sebastian, loved him as subissive, roped, gagged and defensless while beign edged

Men On Edge
Jan 16, 2013

Blake is extra hot tied up naked in the kitchen, such a tall hot stud, would have Been fav if he has Been gagged.

Bound Gods
Dec 27, 2012

Wow, Troy is really super hoy and handsome, woulud love to seen him in a kidnaping scene, hog tied and with a ball gag, and then beign stripped naked and fucked

Bound Gods
Nov 28, 2012

Super hot shoot, Dan is at his best, so good looking and helpless in the hands of his torturers.

Divine Bitches
Aug 30, 2012

Hot,very hot. I really enjoyed extremly habdsome and sexy Jessie, he looked so submited and helpless while beugn literakky raped by hot Avrey. Wish you coul put the pair of studs in a kidnapinig scene, it would really be great

Bound Gods
Aug 16, 2012

Super extra hot! Dominic looks realy hot tied up while neign slowly stripped, kissed and biten. Avrey is really a hot handsome stud in tight leather and tall boots, ejoying his vistim

Bound Gods
May 9, 2012

Super hot and sexy Tyler, what a great looking guy, wish to see him again hog tied and gagged in a barn, as an imovilized cowboy, and the striped, fucked and abused

Divine Bitches
May 6, 2012

Super hot Drake, loved the captured-tortured scene. Drake would be insuperable in a cowboy outfit, kidnaped and retained hogtied and gagged

Bound Gods
Mar 22, 2012

Super hot and sexy Blake, I simply love this guy all tied up and gagged powerless. Please brig him again in cowboy outfit in a kidnaping scene

Bound Gods
Dec 20, 2011

Angel is a superhot stud, woul love to watch him as an inocent captured cowboy, beign stripped naked in a barn while tied up and gagged

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