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What Do Dominant Women Do?

Some components of a FemDom scene might be:

Dominant/submissive rituals

A submissive demonstrates his or her submission by using humiliating phrases, licking the Dominant's boots (boot worship, foot worship, or shoe worship), providing oral sex, eating her asshole (ass worship), etc. The submissive generally uses an honorific for the Dominant that enforces her dominant role.

Sadomasochism or Consensual Torture

Some of the more popular torments in FemDom play include cock and ball torture for male submissives and cunt torture for female submissives, nipple and tit torture for both, along with whipping, spanking, clamps and clothespins, electrotorture, and more.

Strap-on play

Dominant women often enjoy enforcing their dominance by strapping on a cock and fucking their submissive. For male submissives in particular, for whom getting fucked in the ass is extremely taboo, this can be a profound expression of total submission. But female submissives are no less vulnerable to the delicious feelings of extreme submission that a strap-on can evoke in them.

Piss play

For some dominant women, pissing on a submissive is an erotic way to humiliate the submissive as well as to "mark" her territory."

Forced feminization

In ForcedFem, Men are "forced" to cross-dress as women, to behave as women, and sometimes to act "as women" sexually -- ie, sucking the Dominant's strap-on or getting fucked. Sometimes this includes being given a female name.

Pantyboys, Sissies and Sissification

In an alternate version of forced feminization, the male submissive may be dressed up as a "sissy," rather than a woman, or as a "panty boy" or "pantyboy" -- a man forced to wear panties, but not otherwise dressed as a woman. Sometimes, male submissives may be instructed to wear panties under their otherwise male attire -- something that's particularly effective erotically if it's under traditionally powerful men's clothing like a business suit or cop uniform. This is a huge turn-on for many secret male submissives. How many judges are out there wearing panties under their robes?


This may include name-calling, the use of degrading phrases, ridicule, "forced" exhibitionism, or spitting on the submissive. Many female dominants and male devotees of female authority find that humiliation is particularly erotic and challenging when employed against male submissives, because men are so often socialized to be in control in their daily lives. Female submissives, however, are no less vulnerable to humiliation. The site focuses on women being willingly "humiliated" by being "forced" to undress, be tied up, and fuck in public.


Facesitting is just what it sounds like -- the dominant female sits on the prone submissive's face, compelling him or her to perform "forced" cunnilingus or, in a wicked variation, to lick the dominant female's ass.

Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial is where a dominant female plays with turning on the submissive and refusing to let her or him get off.

Kinky Housekeeping

In the context of feminine dominance, submissives may do housework or other work generally considred "women's work," for example serving food or cleaning, often dressed in humiliating or revealing garments. This may be done while the Domme lounges around.

Animal Role Play

Behaving as an animal at the insistence of a dominant female may be very erotic for both men and women. A man may become a dog boy, puppy boy, pony boy or pig boy, while a girl can be a dog girl, puppy girl, pony girl or pig girl. This can involve many different kinds of costuming, from a simple dog collar to a horsehair butt plug, pony bit gag, etc.

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