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Bossy Women, Submissive Men

In fact, a popular variation of FemDom is "forced feminization," in which men turned on by cross-dressing as women are "forced" to become feminine and to behave in a feminine manner. Also, not all dominant women were born female, as you'll find at's perennially popular site Because feminine dominance challenges gender roles and typical ideas of how women are "supposed" to act, it is a popular and sexy way for many players to turn gender upside-down and see just how hot it can make them.

In fact, many people think that's what makes feminine domination such a turn-on for its practitioners. Throughout most societies, women are socialized to be cooperative, agreeable, and to "not rock the boat." Being "bossy" is considered a negative, and may be a source of embarrassment, shame or anxiety for women who think they might be perceived that way. For many women, this is an ongoing concern: "Am I being too bossy?"

FemDom turns that upside down: In FemDom there's no such thing as "too bossy." FemDom embraces the woman-in-control and gives her playthings -- her whips, clamps, ropes, chains, and a submissive or submissives to use it on. As such, FemDom is considered by some practitioners to be a deep expression of feminist ideas, giving them chance to release their feminine power. Others just think it's damn sexy.

When it comes to bossy women, by the way, it should be said that there is indeed no such thing as too bossy -- that's true for the Domme. But submissive women, on the other hand, are cautioned not to get bossy when a Dominant female is holding your collar and leash; that may get you seriously spanked -- though that might be what you're after.

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